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Icons For The Icon Challenged

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5/31/06 07:55 pm - randombattlecry

Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, and, incidentally, Jude. I like credit, I love comments, and I'd jump Chris Eccleston if I got the chance.

Totally did not say that.

Anyway these are very basic; I'll probably mess around with them later on. Feel free to take, though!

(I'll credit the screencaps when I get my mind together enough to remember who they're from... if that ever happens.)


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Get 'Em While They're HotCollapse )

4/25/06 06:24 pm - gonattsaga - The Truth is Out There, indeed.

hello. new in the building. 
i made a bunch [23] of x-files icons the other day.
go ahead and have a look if you're not doing anything special. O.O

here's an example:

4/10/06 12:36 pm - randombattlecry

New batchdom!

Six Doctor Who (9th)Collapse )

Five Completely Pointless Anime Ones, Made for a friendCollapse )

And One Odd Vision of CrowleyCollapse )

2/26/06 02:57 pm - randombattlecry

One RandomCollapse )

Six Rik MayallCollapse )

Three Monty PythonCollapse )

Have I mentioned how disappointed and despondent I am that Once Upon a Time in Mexico didn't come on TV after all? I WANT MY BLOODY!SANDS!!

2/24/06 08:52 pm - randombattlecry

The 'Made-For...' IconsCollapse )

2/22/06 07:43 pm - randombattlecry

5 Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryCollapse )

8 Sleepy HollowCollapse )

2 Cillian MurphyCollapse )

2/6/06 06:57 pm - randombattlecry

Continuing on!

12 Cap'n Jack SparrowCollapse )

3 SandsCollapse )

2 Billie JoeCollapse )

For what its worth, I take requests of all sorts... well, almost all sorts. If you request me to shut up and go away, I probably won't. So mneh.

8/1/05 03:31 pm - randombattlecry

Starting off with a few random icons... I just made a bunch but I have to transfer them to a different computer, since on my personal comp I don't have internet access. Anyway...
Random 101Collapse )

#3 of Cillian Murphy, #4 of Billy Boyd, #6 and #7 made with Hoshi's art.

Please comment and credit if taking!
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